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Design a Bag Bash
Interested in hostessing a Design a Bag Bash, Fund raiser or Trunk show?

Invite a minimum of 10 handbag enthusiasts and provide some nibbles and drinks.

We will bring the Dreambag boutique and custom creativity to you!  We will arrive with stock on hand for immediate purchase to instantly gratify, or your guests may choose to customize a handbag to their specifications using over 100 different Italian leather styles and color combinations!

The hostess will be presented with a hostess gift and a 10% credit of the total handbag sales redeemable towards any of our Italian custom made handbags or accessories! If you prefer we can also write a check to your favorite charity.

We are available for events in the Chicagoland and Midwest, area also other locations are always considered.

Email: for more information.

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